Corona virus

Fysiek contact is nog steeds afgeraden door de unie van sekswerkers (huidige regels omvatten bvb: altijd mondmasker dragen, ontsmetten na elke handeling, niet zoenen, wegwerplakens, ...)
Fysieke afspraken worden dus nog niet gemaakt of aanvaard tot nader bericht.
Physical contact is still discouraged (current rules are, among others: always wear a mouth mask, desinfection after each act, no kissing, disposable sheets, and so on)
Therefore physical dates are not possible yet, until further notice.


Talissa is a trans woman who didn't undergo sex surgery, which is also commonly referred to as "tranny" of "shemale".

Her long hair is real, and her breasts real and natural (C-cup). No body hair. This is the result of hormone therapy and laser treatment. She is curvy (not fat), 5'8" tall, very loving, caring, and understanding, has a very erotic, naughty, and sometimes dirty mind, wild fantasies, and is always in the mood. 

Talissa is your best choice for a first (virtual) encounter with a shemale. with her it doesn't feel like business, she's openminded and honest, and she loves what she does. Having a great, relaxing, and fun time together is her priority.

PICS: click the photo to see the large version

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